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 Fringe Left

Posted on 2021/06/18 by majdoorsamachar

German-Dutch Left and Italian Left did not break from the social-democratic framework 
[A bold thesis put forward by Trotskyists, communizers, and their followers (including Internationalist Perspective). Curious to see the argument.] 

and its underlying social strata 
[Probably referring to the theory of workers' aristocracy, remade by Stalin into workerism, framed by Autonomists to glorify the unlearned mass worker, condemning educated workers]

despite their critiques of many facets of social-democratic theory and practice in Germany and especially of the Bolshevik Party in Russia after October 1917. 
Their remnants in the fringe left, even during these thirty-five years that we have had some interactions with a few of them,

[as far as I had the pleasure to correspond with Majdoorsamachar, it showed insensitive for any critique. Instead, it limited itself to personal attacks and scorn, an old left-bourgeois tradition] 

are stuck in the 1920s. Whereas, with incomparable leaps in productive forces since early-1970s,
[Here we find Stalin's deformation of historic materialist from history man-made by class struggle in favor of history determined by the evolution of productive forces, understood in a technical sense only]

“revolutionary intellectuals” have increasingly become irrelevant throughout the world.
[It have been 'Leninism' in all its forms and the deformations of the tendency Kautsky/Rühle/Brendel/Simon that believed that historical materialism was the product of 'intellectuals.' Majdoorsamachar may share that  false thesis in a positive or negative way, it does not apply to the KAPD/GIC current]

Despite our above mentioned reading, on the basis of interactions with most of the strands of the left in India over these forty-five years, it seems that an acquaintance with the German-Dutch Left + Italian Left and their inheritors could be of help in questioning the leninist- stalinist-trotskyist-maoist framings that still have some influence.
[You are most welcome!]

So, this link to the current issue of “A Free Retriever’s Digest” (April-June 2021). Incidentally, this issue also has, “A Note on Peasants in the Indian Subcontinent” which we sent as a response to a write-up in the earlier issue of the magazine.“

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A recent discussion article, Council communists of the world, organize (the workers, or yourselves?), was based on following historical document of the communist left:
June 2020

LEFT WING COMMUNISM, NOT an infantile disorder, our new site in construction, invites to a discussion on council communism and the revolution in Russia, starting from Wagners 'Theses'. We have added documents on the historical context and a biography:

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Some recent books on the period of transition

We draw your attention to some recently published books by an author and publisher, who is new to the milieu interested in the Communist Left: Hermann Lueer and publisher Red & Black Books in Hamburg. When giving introductions to Marxism throughout Germany, Lueer was regularly asked about the alternative to capitalism. In search of an answer, Lueer discovered Grundprinzipien kommunistischer Produktion und Verteilung by Gruppe Internationaler Kommunisten (G.I.K.) of 1930.

In his homage to the work of the G.I.K. under the same title, Lueer gives a current introduction to the actual core of the work of the G.I.K.: how can the 'association of free and equal people' (Marx in Capital), or in his 1871 writings about the 'Commune'-organization, or how in 1917 the 'council organization' can gain and, above all, retain power over the means of production? After all, in Russia the workers soon lost power over the enterprises.

The answer lies in the fact that reformism in social democracy ignored Marx' and Engels' view, particularly in Marx' Critique of the Gotha Programme, of an economy with working hours as a measure of production and, initially, also consumption. Instead, reformism accepted Hilferding's view, which suggested that in socialism economy should be organized as a General Cartel, the organizational form of highly developed capitalism, i.e., controlled by economic specialists. Lenin took over this view and realized it in Russia, with which the dictatorship over the proletariat was a fact.

Lueer's tribute to the work of the G.I.K. is now available in three languages: German, English and Dutch.

Lueer's tribute does not address various criticisms since the republishing in 1970 of the first edition in German in 1930. Especially that of Paul Mattick in his introduction to this reprint, followed by Gilles Dauvé and finally Raoul Victor. Victor's text of 2016 'in response to Kees' under the title The Economy in the Transition to a 'Communist' Society (*), served the German-speaking group Freundinnen und Freunde der klassenlosen Gesellschaft as a starting point for their discussions of 21-3-2018: Umrisse der Weltcommune. On the group's website, Kosmoprolet, a discussion was published, including Lueer's contribution Kritik von Hermann Lueer an den Thesen zur Weltcommune (20-1-2019). It is typical of the quality of this discussion contribution that Kosmoprolet was forced to ask Victor for a position, which appeared as Arbeitszeitrechnung und ökonomische Rationalität in einer postkapitalistischen Gesellschaft (4-11-2019). It is curious to see that the reply by Lueer, Antwort an Raoul Victor, was not posted on the Kosmoprolet website until now, nor has been it included in the book KLASSE, KRISE, WELTCOMMUNE. Beiträge zur Selbstabschaffung des Proletariats with all other contributions. It seems therefor that Victor does not have an answer, and certainly not the Freunde as an organization, while it is clear from other contributions to the discussion that some do share the views of the G.I.C.

Hermann Lueer has meanwhile published the first German translation of the Dutch second edition of Fundamental Principles in book form: Grundprinzipien kommunistischer Produktion und Verteilung, and its first English translation: Fundamental principles of communist production and distribution.

These translations are of great significance. As explained in The G.I.C. and the Economy of the Transition Period - Introductory Article, the 1935 second edition in Dutch was supplemented with fragments in reply to certain critics and misunderstandings. Amongst others, the supposed 'utopian character' of the propositions of the G.I.K., the question of 'equality', on the dictatorship of the proletariat, and on libertarian communism. Important information on the agrarian question in the Russian and in the German Revolution was added. This edition was the last edited by the G.I.K. and therefor is its final answer to the objections at the time raised against its positions.

(*) Originally in French, 12-10-2011. For an answer, not from Kees, see Over het scherm rolden ... (June 2016) third contribution (in Dutch), English translation.

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