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“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways, the point is to change it” (Karl Marx).

In 1999, when creating the ‘left-disorder’ website we stated: "This site under construction aims at the publication of a maximum of texts on the history of the communist left, attacked by Lenin as ‘extremist’ and ‘childish’ in An infantile disorder."

Official ‘communism’ by the Comintern, become a windshield to hide the imperialist interests of the of the Russian State, was quick to go bankrupt. It was the communist left, especially the Italian and German-Dutch left, that maintained the banner of internationalism against the odds.

More than 15 years "left-disorder" has made efforts to make available most texts of the internationalist communist left in as many languages ​​as possible. The site suffers however from a lack of texts and Arabic. We hope to overcome this serious shortcoming soon.

All texts made available reflect the goal of ”left-disorder”, be it for now in the domain of the ideal: a classless society, without states, without imperialist wars, freed from the dehumanisation of wage labour, all persecution based on differences of sex, of religion and of nationality, but also free from the destructive grip of the capitalist system on Nature.

We will continue to put on the site "left-disorder" texts from the communist left or that defend the living principles of internationalism.

Nowadays sources and texts of the historical communist left (notably the German-Dutch left) are also available on other websites, such as the site of the Antonie Pannekoek archives. We recommend our readers to get there regularly; it is constantly enriched and updated.

The internationalism of the communist left cannot live in the nostalgia of a glorious past; it lives more than ever in the immediate actuality. Two sites could lead to reflection and a healthy exchange of ideas, with no other purpose than that of clarifying the actual praxis of the present proletariat:

Site "left-disorder", November 18, 2015.



This site under construction aims at the publication of a maximum of texts on the history of the communist Left, attacked by Lenin as "extremist" in An infantile disorder.

We don't create a value-based hierarchie between the different currents of this communist left (italian left, called "bordigist", and german and dutch left [KAPD, GIC]). Far from any sectarian policy or supporter spirit, we feel the need to publish now 'as is' these "histories".

At first, this site will publish the history of the italian communist left. Its chapters have to be revised and enlarged, and certain formulations that lack clarity or that show a kindred spirit, have to be corrected as to give an objective and lucid view of this current. We are aware that historical weaknesses do exist; certain chapters will be deepened as to reply to political and theoretical questions that the reader will have to ask.

In a second period, the history of the german and dutch communist left, with its theoretics Pannekoek, Gorter, Rühle, Mattick, Canne-Meijer, etc., can be published on this site

Respons from the readers is essential, be it negatif of positif. By critics thinking can enrich and enlarge itself, especially if it doesn't sink into sectarianism and polemist spirit. Critics will make this site live. Thanks to them the site can evolve into a meeting place larger than the terrain of the history of both the italian and the german-dutch communist left.

Finally we hope that the construction of such a site on the Internet will give an example to other currents of the non-leninist and non-trotzkyist communist left to express themselves. The groups or interested individuals could - in creating their own site devoted to this Left - by their practise stimulate the political, theoretical reflexion on present capitalist society, and on the means to find in time a way-out from a world that goes to the abyss.

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