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Ph. Bourrinet, The Dutch and German Communist Left (1900-1968). Bourrinet
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History Actuality
  • "On the occasion of the shut-down of the State broadcaster ERT... Let’s stop being spectators! Let’s take life in our own hands!" (Greek Internationalists, 20 June 2013)
  • Imperialist War for oil! Leaflet of the KRAS against imperialist war in Caucasia (Russia)(11 August 2008)
  • They really take us for fools! Leaflet of the cercle de discussion Paris (20 March 2003)
  • War and capitalism Leaflet of Internationalist Perspective, on Irak (15 Feb. 2003)
  • THE FEAR Leaflet of Internationalists, Paris, on the american events (6 Oct. 2001)
  • The declaration of the International communist union on the american events (Russia) 19th of September 2001
  • Getting it over with world capitalism - states and terrorists - or being buried under its ashes On the terrorist attacks in the USA (17 th of September 2001)
  • Stop the Slaughter!
  • Chenya: Solidarity Against War! Newspaper Chelovechnost' and The Praxis Centre, Moscow
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